Welcome, to the country road…

In today’s world, interstate driving is the way to get there fast.  Straight roads, multiple lanes, few interchanges, and high speed all combine to get us there as quickly as possible.  The problem is that to get those freeways we have to level hills, clear forests, displace wildlife, and bypass life in general.  And while we still may see some sights as we wiz along our concrete superconductor, we miss the chance to really see anything.  When is the last time you stopped to watch a deer cross the road?  Have you ever rolled down the windows to breath in honeysuckle or fresh cut hay?  Do you know the thrill of slowly driving through an autumn leaf storm?  You just don’t get that kind of life perspective without driving the country road.

Driving isn’t the only thing we like to do fast these days.  In fact the mantra of the day seems to be, find it fast, assimilate it fast, experience it fast, and move on.  Our study of God’s Word is no different.  One year Bibles, five minute studies, and covenant groups wrapped around every activity known to man are all designed to help us get the information as quickly as possible in a world where available time seems to be shrinking by the day.  Now there is nothing wrong with trying to squeeze in study time wherever possible, but what do we miss along the way?  When time is the determining factor then information and relationships are the first victims.  Major themes of the bible take precedence when speed is essential.  Hitting the highlights in order to keep the listener’s attention means running past seemingly minor references.  And don’t even think about stopping to contemplate what you have read or who it is written about.

Here at The Country Road we believe firmly in the apostle Paul’s statement that, All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. “ (2 Timothy 3:16 NLT, emphasis added).  To that end, we search the hedges and the byways of scripture (along with the highways).  We encourage the reader to slow down and spend time exploring verses that seem to be transitional.  We seek to grow in Christ by taking the narrow road through His words that is less traveled yet full of wonder.  Learning from the Master shouldn’t be a race to see how fast we can get through the material.  It should be a slow stroll where we stop to smell the flowers, drink from the brook, and enjoy the Sonshine.

Our Facebook page presents a daily devotional.  We started in Matthew chapter 1 and have been working our way through the New Testament verse by verse.  Weekly blogs here will present more detail as we stop at certain points along the way.  Written works will also be presented on our web page as they become available.  All of this is designed to help us slow down and spend more time with the object of our faith, Jesus Christ.  For we can only grow in Him if we know Him.  And we can only know Him if we spend time with Him.  Interstate reading only presents glimpses as we clip on by.  So let’s slow down together and spend more time with Christ as we journey together on the country road!

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