About The Country Road

The Country Road began as a Facebook ministry.  It was born out of a desire to spread God’s Word, through social media, a few verses a day.  For the last few years, that ministry has faithfully walked through the New Testament, helping others to explore the gospel without jumping around or skipping over verses that seem unimportant or transitory in nature.

Out of the work in our Facebook ministry have grown two exciting new additions.  The first is this website.  thecountryroad.net takes the verses from the daily devotionals and expands on them in a weekly blog.  Soon we will link to other Christians blogs and websites in order to help you find the tools you need to work on both your time of scripture study and your relationship with Christ.  Check back often as we continue to grow and offer new resources to help you on your travels through God’s Word.

In addition, we are excited to announce that our next book will soon be released! The Country Road Through the book of Mark is currently in production and will soon be available in print as well in  e-format.  Check our book page for more information about how and where you can purchase your copy.  The Country Road Through The Book Of Mark will be the second book in our The Country Road devotional series and we are happy to be able to offer it to you.

We at thecountryroad.net want to thank you for visiting our site and continue to pray that your study of the scriptures continue to take you to new places of understanding.  We look forward to traveling with you as you slow down to discover the beauty of God’s Word, out on the country road!