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"The Country Road Through The Book Of Matthew" is in stores now!
“The Country Road Through The Book Of Matthew” is in stores now!

Born out of desire to do mission with people on social media, The Country Road  devotional series is a collection of short devotionals from The Country Road Facebook page that Mike Lovett authored and maintains. These daily devotionals were designed to take the reader methodically through the books of The New Testament, challenging them to concentrate on small sections of scripture in their study and prayer time.

This book is not a theological treatise, but rather a work of simple observations designed to spur the reader to deeper spiritual introspection. The Country Road devotional series is just that, a road that travels through the entirety of The New Testament with stops along the way where the reader can pause and explore on their own. Desiring to live out Paul’s admonition to Timothy that all scripture is inspired by God and useful to us, Mike keeps the reader on the road in hopes that each day will bring new growth in their

"The Country Road Through The Book Of Mark" coming soon!!!
“The Country Road Through The Book Of Mark” coming soon!!!

relationship with Christ as they read about His birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

The Country Road devotional series is designed to engage the reader, not with the author of the book, but with The Author of Life. So bring your Bible, and your pencil, and your desire to improve your relationship with Jesus as we prepare for our journey, out on the country road!

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